HRT/SRS Letters

For those seeking HRT/SRS (hormone replacement therapy/sex reassignment surgery), I am advocating the use of the ICATH Standards of Care. Informed Consent for Access to Trans Healthcare is a newly developed model in which you are allowed to decide what is best for your body, and when, no “diagnosis” required. After attending an initial medical appointment with an ICATH medical provider, you attend as little as one appointment with an ICATH therapist/advocate to communicate your ability to make an autonomous choice for your own body, then leave with a letter for your medical provider. Please contact me or visit for more information.

 A note for those seeking “Harry Benjamin letters” for hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or surgical reassignment surgery (SRS): I am qualified to write these letters to your physician and/or surgeon. When required by your provider, I will issue both/either of these letters based on the WPATH Standards of Care. For more information about these Standards, please visit

Please read more about my methods in my WordPress Blogposts. Thank you!

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