Are We a Good Therapeutic Fit?

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I encourage you to call or email me with any specific questions or concerns you might have about working with me before making a first appointment. For example, you might want me to know that while the fact that you are living an “alternative lifestyle” of some kind has repercussions in your daily life, it is not the source of your problem. It is understandable to me that you would want to ensure that I could sit with you and your issues without a) needing to be educated on your lifestyle, or b) trying to make your lifestyle the focus of your problems. If, after our initial technological contact, you would like to take the next step toward discovering whether or not I’m the therapist for you, we can set a paid appointment to further explore your questions, concerns, and goals toward better mental health. If we decide to work together, appointments will be scheduled for 50min hours at a rate that varies depending on the number in your party (see Fees page). Please see the entry “Disclosure Statement” for details regarding cancellations and payment. If, however, we decide working together would not be of benefit to you, I will be happy to offer you a referral to another qualified therapist who might be better able to serve your needs.

About Kristen Knapick, MA, LMHC

I am a licensed mental health counselor serving clients in Seattle, WA. I have private practice hours in my office at the base of Queen Anne, near Denny. My "specialty" is working with what I like to call "sex and gender outlaws." This is my way of affectionately describing those of us who live on the fringes of gender and sexuality, in whatever ways we might do so. I am ready and eager to work with my clients on the issues they present, whether they are directly related to sex and/or gender or not. Please read more about my methods on this site. Thank you!
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