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My fee is $110 per 50min session for individuals, $130 for couples, and $160 and up for multi-partner groups/families. I have a limited number of sliding scale slots available for individuals only at any one given time; please feel free to ask if there is one available if my basic rate is beyond your means. I do not offer sliding scale to couples or groups.

CANCELATION POLICY: I have a standard 24hr cancellation policy. If you need to cancel a scheduled appointment, you must notify me within 24hrs prior to the scheduled time (weekends not included) to avoid having to pay the regular session fee. Appointments canceled with less than 24hrs prior notification (not including weekends) will be charged full cost for the missed session at the following session (if within the next week), or you will be asked to mail your payment to my office if our next session will be more than a week out.

INSURANCE: As an out-of-network provider, I do not accept insurance at this time. I will, on request, provide you with a monthly receipt for services rendered so you may submit it for payment yourself. I cannot guarantee your insurance company will pay your claim, so I strongly suggest you check in with them if having sessions reimbursed is important to you.

PAYMENT is accepted in the form of personal check or cash only. There will be a $25 fee for the first two returned checks; after that, I will only accept cash payment from you. Payment is due at each session. Please see my “Disclosure Statement” for further information on failure to pay.

I am pleased to offer INDIVIDUALS a free, no obligation PHONE consultation for 20min  so that we might discover whether or not we can work well together.

Couples and groups are invited to make an appointment for a regular paid session to explore our compatibility, as are individuals who would like to meet in person. To schedule an appointment, please call my office, or email me (206.779-9178/reThinkTherapyNow@gmail.com).

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