HRT/SRS Letters

For those seeking HRT/SRS (hormone replacement therapy/sex reassignment surgery), I work with the ICATH model. Informed Consent for Access to Trans Healthcare is a developed model 0f informed consent, in which you are allowed to decide what is best for your body, and when, no “diagnosis” required. If you are unable to find/persuade your medical provider to proceed with your treatment without a “letter,” you attend as little as one appointment with an ICATH therapist/advocate to communicate your ability to make an autonomous choice for your own body, then leave with that letter for your medical provider. Please visit for more information.

For those who want an appointment for an ICATH letter: Once you have found a provider, make your case for simple informed consent for the treatment you want. If you still would like a letter for  your provider, contact me for an appointment. You’ll need to send me the following info before we can meet and review/pass off your completed letter:

1. The name of your prescribing doctor/surgeon                                                                        2. Their office mailing address                                                                                                       3. Your name (as recognized by your insurance company, as well as the name with which you identify, if different)                                                                                                                  4. Your pronoun identifier (ex., he, she, they, etc.)

TRANS* RESOURCE GUIDE for King Co, WA!!  By and for the trans* communities! Find the resources best suited to your situation and needs here.


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